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Elite Meet is an exclusive network of elite professionals from the military community and the corporate sector. Becoming an Elite Meet member will significantly expand your professional network, which will impact your transition and career success for years to come. 

The membership is filled with like-minded individuals that are eager to accept the next challenge and welcome opportunities that make them uncomfortable, knowing it is best for personal growth. 

 Elite Meet members have served under the SOCOM commands in an operational capacity or have successfully passed selection or advanced courses.  We believe that shared military experience builds camaraderie, which is the foundation of our membership. 

The Elite Meet membership is a community. Each member is expected to contribute and add value to the community through active engagement and leadership. Elite Meet members support one another with responsiveness, conversation and guidance.  

One of the greatest things about being in Special Operations were our Teamrooms. These are isolated spaces where teammates work together, assist each other, and learn from senior members. I see so much of this inside the Elite Meet digital community. The sense of community growth is incredibly strong and beautiful.”

Zack Hughes

Green Beret/COO, Elite Meet

Most Elite Meet members are  in the mid to late stage of their transition process. Members at this stage have identified target industries to explore, have narrowed down their next location and are ready to be presented to potential hiring partners.   

While our network of members is useful for exploration and conversation about industries, jobs and process, it is important that all members have a professional resume and LinkedIn profile created before applying.  Elite Meet presents opportunities to engage with corporate partners through in-person events and online forums. Members must be ready to respond to inquiries or connection requests from partners at any time, which is why having a completed and polished digital profile is critical. 

Member selection is an important process for Elite Meet. It ensures that our members are ready for our network resources, will add value to our community, are prepared to connect with hiring partners, and fit the culture of  Elite Meet. 

Before you apply for membership, please consider these questions.  

1. Are you within 18 months of transitioning?


2.  Do you have a LinkedIn profile?


3. Have you participated in informational career interviews?


4. Are you willing to be an active member of the EM community?


5. Have you served under SOCOM or its component commands in an operational capacity?




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