Giving Back 

Giving Back to the Elite Meet Community

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, Elite Meet is reliant upon the generosity of our community. There are many ways to support Elite Meet. Each and every contribution is valued and helps Elite Meet continue to operate programs and events that assist transitioning Special Operations service members. 

Recurring Donations

Regularly scheduled donations, monthly or weekly are an easy way to provide long-lasting support to Elite Meet. Recurring donations can be executed via mail, online, or in many cases, through your employer.



Help share the mission of Elite Meet by establishing a crowdfunding campaign. Crowdfunding campaigns raise awareness for Elite Meet and funds to support the programs offered for Elite Meet members. 


Be an Ambassador

Sharing your experience with Elite Meet with others and in particular your employer is extremely valuable to Elite Meet. Our goal is to expand our corporate network and corporate sponsor support. Tell your Human Resources department or Talent Acquisition or Veterans Program Director about the value Elite Meet offers. 


Corporate Matching Programs

Many companies, both large and small, offer corporate match programs. This is an easy way to double your impact and contribution to Elite Meet.

Interested in a corporate match program? Contact your company’s HR representative and inquire about the programs available. Ask if Elite Meet is on the list of charitable partners. If not, simply submit Elite Meet as a suggested partner on the forms provided by your employer. 

Have questions about corporate matching programs? Email

Looking to add Elite Meet to your corporate match program? Email

End of Year Giving

The close of the year is a popluar time to make finanical donations to orgnizations for tax benefits, for corporate match programs and as a subsitute for gifts. 

Consider making a financial contribtion to Elite Meet as the year comes to a close. End of year contributions, if received before December 1, will be applied to that year’s programs, unless otherwise designated. 


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