Elite Veterans

Who are the Elite Meet Veterans?

Elite Meet Veterans are born leaders;  individuals that willingly accept the toughest challenge, foster a growth mindset and believe that success is achieved as a team.

Our members are some of America’s elite military professionals, with 10+ years of leadership experience and multiple deployments. They are accustomed to adversity, adapt easily and are solution-oriented. 

Special Operations Veterans and Fighter Pilots are highly educated, extremely motivated and bring unique skills to the civilian sector.  

Members Include

Navy SEALs

Green Berets

 Army Rangers

Fighter Pilots


Navy EOD


Marine Raiders

Allow us to introduce you to a few of our members


Josh Martin, US ARMY Aviation Pilot


  • Experience leading high-tech, international operations reliant on complex, worldwide logistics
  • Proficient in optimization, diagnosing problems and applying necessary solutions

  • Managed long-term, multiphase technical programs

  • Seeking a career in Operations Management 

2020 Successful Transitions

“Elite Meet is far and away the most powerful and active network available to elite military professionals looking to leverage their experience to find a high level job in the civilian world.”


Jonathan Fuller

Operations Manager , Amazon Logistics

“Elite Meet really helped expand my network and allowed me to connect with similar professionals facing similar problems. When I needed help, they were there. When others need help, I reach out a hand. It is an extension of that brotherly bond we shared when we wore the uniform.”

Joel Tolbirt

Station Operations Manager, Amazon

“Elite Meet broadened my network exponentially and opened doors for me that I didn’t even know existed. It also served as a ‘support group’ for me as I explored various career paths post military.

Dave Bellis

Federal Lead, Geosite Inc.

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