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Elite Meet events demonstrate the power of our network and ignite relationships that are mutually beneficial.

Signature Elite Meet conferences host 40 Elite Meet Veterans and over 200 corporate partners, providing a forum for learning and an abundance of connections.

EM CONNECT events are designed to build regional partnerships and opportunities in a small group atmosphere. Regional events are designed for Veterans that are focused on one location for employment.

Upcoming Events

Networking Events

PwC Seaport
September 2024
October 2024 

Virtual Events


 Finance Careers Discussion
May 2024


EM Collaboration

May 2024

SOF Week 


To inquire about or RSVP for an event, please email megan@elitemeet.us

Event Testimonials

When you  prep to transition out of military, one of your first thoughts is “I have no network out there.” In the military, just like in the civilian world, it’s 98% who you know.

We are all smart enough to know breaking in to a new place takes time. EM Conferences allow for military members to get to know who they want to be and who they want to be with in their second life. These events are invaluable to a quality transition.”

Joe Barnard, PJ/CRO - Atl and Jax Director of Operations / SOF

Executive Director, The Forge School

After the event in April 2018 in Houston, my network exploded and I was like a rocketship after that event. I felt compelled to give back and stay engaged because I had such a positive experience. I saw the power, I saw it work.

Thomas Booth, Fighter Pilot

Solutions Engineer Manager, Splunk

Attending EM Atlanta was a huge value add to my transition. From hearing stories of success (and failure) from fellow veterans who have traveled this path before, to actionable insights and motivation from an amazing lineup of experts, to invaluable networking opportunities that are still leading to new connections 6 weeks after the event, I am truly thankful and humbled that I was able to be part of team. If you’re on the fence about attending an event, commit and invest. You’ll thank yourself later!

Ryan, Air Force, Combat Rescue Officer

Principal, Two Bear Capital

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Interested in Hosting An Elite Meet Event?

Elite Meet is continually seeking partners interested in hosting an event. Restaurants, event venues and office spaces are perfect for both Elite Meet Conferences and EMx events. If you are interested in hosting at Elite Meet event please complete this form. 

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